Vintners 2017 winners


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The 18th Vintners Surf Classic took place in Stilbaai at the Point in inclement conditions with a MASSIVE swell running on Friday 11 August. Competitors battled it out in the waves while wives and children huddled in cars and under umbrellas to watch the exciting competition. Some heats were washed right down the point and everyone paddled hard to stay in the game. The final results looked like this:

Junior winners
JT van der Westhuizen
Jan Solms
Markus Sadie
Brad Gold

Seniors winner
Nicky de Villiers
Duncan Savage
Gunter Schultz
Francois Hanekom

Trizaan Barnard
Nadia Barnard

Ross Lindsay
Mat Marais
Micky Lindsay
Johan Rademan

Miles Mossop
Cobus Joubert
Anthony de Jager
Steve Rogers


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